Would you like to take a peek at Heads Up online? It is super simple, no special software required. As long as your browser is HTML5 compliant you can watch it in action right now. Current HTML5 browsers would include IE11, Edge, Chrome, Safari (on Apple device), Firefox, etc. Just click on the LINK below and follow the steps outlined.

** NOTE: The online demo is MUCH more dramatic when someone on our side is changing tag values. That will show you the REAL TIME nature of Heads Up and the behavior of the widgets that display tag values.

Goto the Heads Up online demo by clicking HERE and you will see the following screen (if you have never viewed the demo before).

Step 1 - Viewer Setup Required
Step 1 – Viewer Setup Required

Click on the VIEWER SETUP panel so that you can setup your browser as a viewer for Heads Up. No software will be downloaded, you just need to identify your browser to the system.

Step 2 - Viewer Setup
Step 2 – Viewer Setup

In the NAME input, where you see “NAME HERE”, enter a name that describes your browser to the system. Pick something unique, like your name or your company’s name. Once you have done that, do nothing more than click on the SAVE button. You will be taken back to the home page where you should see the name you chose displayed in the first panel. Now just click on the DISPLAYS panel.

Step 3 - Home Page after Viewer Setup complete.
Step 3 – Home Page after Viewer Setup complete.

When the list of available displays is presented, choose one by clicking on it, then click on the RUNTIME button.

Step 4 - Select a Display
Step 4 – Select a Display

Once you select a Display and click on the RUNTIME button your browser will be directed to the display and it will do its thing. For the best effect of what Heads Up will look like on a big screen monitor, press the F11 button so that it can go full screen.

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