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Data Exchange II is an easy way to transfer data back and forth between a PLC and a Database. Multiple OPC data sources and multiple Database connections can be configured for data collection using the Data Exchange II manager.  Once the configuration is complete, it is loaded into the DEII manager and data collection begins.


  • Works with any programmable controller with an OPC server (RSLinx OPC Server, OPC.SimaticNET and many others)
  • Fully and easily configurable with no code to write outside of the PLC
  • Reads records from the PLC on time basis or upon PLC request (time or event driven reads)
  • Can be externally triggered from HMI, Database, or Windows applications
  • Inserts new records, updates existing records, attaches new data to existing records, etc.
  • Allows execution of database stored procedures
  • Makes recipe downloads from the database to the PLC
  • Communicates with multiple OPC Servers
  • Sends receipts back to the PLC upon completion of transaction
  • Allows development of configuration while running
  • Supports browsing of OPC tags


  • Equipment performance tracking
  • Quality Control
  • Part Traceability
  • Recipe downloads

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