Custom Software

Many companies cannot do business without software custom tailored to their specific needs. Canned software packages can help, but more often custom software needs to be written to handle the exact business processes already in place. Advanced Engineering has extensive experience in this area, and has developed software programs in use throughout the middle Tennessee area and the whole world. Using its expertise in Microsoft development tools such and Visual Basic and C# and server technologies such as SQL Server and Internet Information Server, Advanced Engineering can quickly deliver powerful software packages that meet the customer’s specific needs.

Advanced Engineering has developed applications to meet many different needs, including

  • Plant Floor Product and Inventory Tracking
  • Product Testing Systems
  • Customized Production and Quality Reporting
  • Track Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
  • Project Financial Analysis
  • Recipe Management and Approval
  • Traceability Systems
  • Employee Time and Status Tracking

For applications ranging from the very small to the very complex, Advanced Engineering can quickly develop an effective solution to meet a customer’s specific needs.

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