controllogix-plcAdvanced Engineering, Inc. provides an alternative to proprietary, “black box” injection molding machine controls by installing a Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley ControlLogix based system.

2800 TON UBE

The existing machine sequence and functionality can be improved to provide increased productivity and quality while reducing downtime and training requirements. In contrast to the limited human-machine interface (HMI) capabilities provided by “black box” control systems, the Advanced Engineering system provides operators, engineers and maintenance personnel extensive views into the process. RSView HMI screens are developed by Advanced Engineering based on input from the customer’s engineering, maintenance and production personnel. The installation utilizes standard valve drivers, including the injection valve drivers, so that no custom valve controllers are required.

Immediate improvements can be realized, including:injection-molding-controls-diagram

  • Reduced cycle time
  • Additional Operator interface capabilities
  • Ability to view real time parameters due to fast screen updates
  • Standard AB Logic access for change and troubleshooting
  • Standard Rockwell Programming, compiled languages required
  • Accurate tonnage force setting automatically
  • Increased velocity, pack, and hold zone capability
  • Recipe storage on commonly used media
  • Increased ability to tune profiles
  • Injection profile repeatability
  • Injection profile stability
  • SPC recording functions
  • Alarming and alarm history
  • Interface capabilities to other equipment
  • Improved temperature Auto PID tuning
  • Access over plant network via Ethernet
  • Injection profile charting and recording

ControlLogix is a valuable addition to injection molding machines, extruders, die casters and many other molding/casting applications in many ways, including:

  • Machine sequence
  • Injection profile control
  • Barrel temperature control
  • Hot Runner temperature control
  • Mold cooling temperature control
  • Valve gate sequence control
  • Takeout robot control
  • Automatic mold coupling control
  • Gate cut control
  • Quick mold change sequence control
  • Material feed control
  • Process monitoring
  • SPC
  • Improved operator interface

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Allen Bradley ControlLogix are registered trademarks of Rockwell Automation. UBE is a registered trademark of UBE Machinery Inc.

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